Current Pickleball Clinics

Lisa Naumu offers pickleball clinics and lessons in the Palm Desert area of California. She also travels extensively as a competitive 5.5+ level player, so she may be available close to you if there is a USAPA tournament in the area.  Lisa Naumu is a certified IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) instructor, a USAPA 5.5+ rated player and a sponsored professional.

Current Pickleball Clinics 2021

Because of Covid restrictions, I am currently only doing private one-hour lessons $65, semi-private one-hour lessons (two people ) 3 & me, one and a half hour lessons $40 each person ( I play with three of you, drills, instruction, lots of fun!)

Currently, All Clinics are by Appointment Only!

3 thoughts on “Current Pickleball Clinics”

  1. hi..we’re coming to palm springs for 2 weeks jan 4…have meant to get into the sport but as a former longntime tennis player I keep putting it off…where can my wife and I get some basic instruction perhaps without buying equipment first?…

  2. Have attended two of these clinics now and they are very informative. Love the drills. I feel like my skills are getting fine tuned – and I am having a lot of fun doing it. I highly recommend these clinics to anyone who wants to step up their game a few notches!

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