Pickleball Lessons and Clinics

Lisa Naumu offers pickleball lessons and clinics in the Palm Desert area of California. She also travels extensively as a competitive 5.0 level player so may be available close to you if there is a USAPA tournament in the area.  Lisa Naumu is a certified IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) instructor, a USAPA 5.0 rated player and  a sponsored professional.

Pickleball Lessons

Private Pickleball lessons : 1 person/hour:  $60
Semi-Private- 2 people/hour:  ($40 per person), $80

Group Pickleball Lessons: 1 1/2 hours each
3 & me: $40 pp: $120
4 people : $160

Pickleball Clinics:

Rating clinic only: $25 per person
I can rate you so you know where you stand as a pickleball player. You can use your rating for your club rating and/or when you  enter tournaments. This is a self rating by a certified pickleball pro. Approved by USAPA and IFP (International Federation of Pickleball).

2 hour pickleball clinic (minimum 4 people)
4 people: $240 ($60 per person)
6 people: $330 ($55 per person)
8 people: $400 ($50 per person)

4 hour clinic (minimum 4 people)
4 people: $480 ($120 per person)
6 people: $660 ($110 per person,
8 people: $800 ($100 per person)

Current Pickleball Clinics Available for booking are listed here: Current Clinics

The clinics should be divided by skill level as described below:

Beginner (2.0-2.5).

This is for the beginner, newbie or just starting player once or twice. The clinic will cover basic grip review, ball striking, rules, safety, court etiquette and scoring.

This clinic includes:

  • Basic rules of the game
  • Basic fundamentals of the game
  • Introduction to dinking
  • Introduction to 3rd shot
  • Positioning on the court
  • Serve
  • Return of Serve
  • Basic strategy
  • Warm up, stretch, cool down
Intermediate (3.0-3.5).

This clinic is for the player who has been playing for a while and is somewhat consistent with dinking, 3rd shot, can serve and return the ball in the court most of the time, and understands basic player positioning and basic strategy.

This clinic includes:

  • Dinking technique and strategies
  • 3rd shot drop progression and strategy
  • Serve and serve return strategy
  • Basic blocking and defending bangers
  • Basic partner movement strategy
  • Lobbing and defending the lob
  • Basic footwork improvement
  • Driving the ball and defending the drive
  • Warm up, stretch, cool down
Advanced 4.0-4.5 clinic.

This clinic is for players who understand pickleball strategy, scoring, positioning, dinking and 3rd shot drops, can consistently serve and return the ball in the court and understands the importance of getting to the kitchen line in order to be successful in pickleball.

This clinic includes:

  • Improving your Dinking and 3rd shot strategy
  • Serve and serve return placement, power, spin and options
  • Blocking technique and defending the bangers
  • Mid court shot technique and options
  • Stacking
  • Poaching
  • Footwork, recover, resetting
  • Hitting around the post, the Ernie and defending both
  • Warm up, stretch, cool down

Reservations: Email Lisa Naumu