Contact Lisa Naumu

You can contact Lisa Naumu  here.

This is the contact page for Lisa Naumu’s website. If you are interested in getting a hold of her for Pickleball Lessons or Clinics this is the best place to reach her. Lisa Naumu is a certified IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) instructor, a USAPA 5.5+ rated player and a sponsored professional.

Lisa Naumu is a highly skilled Pickleball professional competitor. As a result, she possesses a high level of sportsmanship on and off the court. Lisa is also very respectful of the game, her students, opponents, officials, sponsors and spectators. By the same token, she manages her equipment in a professional manner, promoting pickleball through her actions and words. Equally important, she also competes regularly at a national level and achieves exceptional results.

You can contact Lisa Naumu  here.

Lisa Naumu and Gigi Lemaster verses Jennifer Dawson and Bonnie Williams

Gold Medal Match: Women’s Senior Open Doubles – 2017 USAPA Nationals  Game 1 in a best of 3 for the GOLD